Jesus Evil Highway hails from the backwoods of Rotterdam, drawing from the very roots of country music and then some. With a dark blend of pre-war Western Swing, Oldtime Mountain music, Outlaw- and Hillbilly Country, Bluegrass and a touch of raw Rockabilly, Jesus Evil Highway have been building up a repertoire that incorporates much of their own compositions combined with a fine selection of classic songs and tunes.

Jesus Evil Highway plays beer soaked, down and out, heart on your sleeve country.
Lonesome highways, Death, Booze, Heartache, it's all there. Listening to Jesus Evil Highway you’d swear you were punching in hits from a bygone era jukebox at a forgotten truckstop. Running the gamut from honky tonk barnburners to bottom-of-the-beer-bottle weepers to alt-country rockers, Jesus Evil Highway delivers high harmonies, lonesome sounds and raw-energy country songs that are sure to bring a little salvation and whiskey to all the sinners out there.

Wanko B.C.: Bass, backin' vocals

Stoney 'The Lonely': Lapsteel, dobro, backin' vocals.

Pee Wee Flatfoot: Banjo, guitar, fiddle, backin' vocals.

Danny Humper: Guitar, uke, leadvocals.


maandag 27 oktober 2014

Play Along With Jesus Evil Highway!

Hallo friends & neighbours,
High time to introduce you to: 'Het Ukulele Paradijs'.
By far the best shop in our little 'frog-country' to purchase any type or brand of ukulele you could wish for... Right here in our hometown Rotterdam!
On there website they have this super cool Ukulele Play Along section, and ther you can find:
Pretty Little UFO, one of our very own songs, video-clip included.

So get your pretty little uke (or whatever instrument you fancy today) and play along with us...

Don't forget to visit the Ukulele Paradijs website:

maandag 29 september 2014

Howdy friends and neighbours, we have a new clip on youtube!
Not a Jesus Evil Highway original this time, but a nice dark oldtimer: 'Little Black Train'.
A traditional Southern gospel song dating back to the 1800s and popularized by the Carter Family and Woody Guthrie
It was arranged and recorded by the Carter Family in 1935 and again in 1937.

Go watch it here, if you like:

dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Some of the Jesus Evil Highway gigs, upcoming summer and fall:

Pickin' Party: 17 mei (15:00)
Le Bric a Brac: 17 mei (12:00)
Citroen DS Club: 14 juni (17:00) 
Tuintonen Festival: 24 mei (13:00)
Dokhuis Amsterdam, 19 juni/29 juni ???
Ranj, Rotterdam,  26 juni
Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival: 28/29 jun
Boet'n Deure Festival : 29 juni (11:00)
Car Art Festival, Delft, 10 augustus Delft
De 'Kofferbak Verkoop' Utrecht, 31 augustus
Buffet van Odette, 5 september, Amsterdam
Broccante Lille (France): 6/7 september 
Snorfestival: 21 september Vuuren
Slotfeest Camping De Lievelinge, 26 -27 september
Edam Private Party, 4 oktober
Daan's Toffe Festival, 12 oktober, Pieterburen
Zulpich  (Germany) Galerie Roy, 7 december

see ya!